How to add an image into content.

Image styles are predefined by the administrator to make your life easier. As you can see, there is also an "add" button to add more styles.
Additionally, you can modifiy the image HTML code as you like. To upload one or more images to the page, please follow the four steps below.
After selecting the style which is near enough to your preferred picture size, you can now play around with the "height=300" and "width=200" values.

  1. Create some content, add the file via "IMAGE Add Image" dialogue
  2. Switch the image style to one of the predefined image styles ("Automatic" is default)
  3. Click into the body test of the content, where the image should be located, then click on "Insert"
  4. If text should float around the picture (either left or right) add "align="left"" etc into the image HTML code behind the image url (same place for height and width entries)
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