The WSEN Logo

The current logo of the WSEN exists since April 2012 and was designed by Hagen Krohn, the 2010 WSES designer as well as helper and close friend to the WSEN core team.

This logo symbolizes the vision and mission of the WSEN:

  • Within our network, there is a diversity of persons, universities, ideas, approaches and projects – this is visualized by the 4 lines which are different in color and follow different paths
  • However, besides this diversity, we have the same goal: we all strive for sustainable development and want to co-create a more environmental-friendly and socially just world – this is visualized by the green leaf to which all the 4 lines lead to
  • This goal will come closer through our projects and initiatives and can be reached within our sphere of influence – the higher level of the leaf compared to the level from where the lines started shows this positive change we can make
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