Change! in 2012 - the WSES visits Lausanne

The fifth annual World Student Environmental Summit is to be held at Lausanne University in Switzerland. The summit will take take place from the 5th of September to the 9th at the Lausanne campus. The organizing committee at Lausanne consists of Stephanie Audi, Pietro Bugnon, Pauline François, Sarah Koller, Cynthia Magnin, Julie Perrenoud, Lucie Rosset, Luciano Villalba and Wladyslaw Senn.

Sustainable development is a major theme at Lausanne University. It is an institution that understands the necessity for students to learn about sustainable development along with other environmental issues. Education of students will ultimately lead to a large number of Lausanne alumni with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference. The goal is to have these students and alums share what they have learned to people who have not had the opportunity to learn about such things. A note-worthy project that had been advocated by the students and faculty of Lausanne University is “Agenda 21”. In summation, Agenda 21 is a program that raises awareness to students along with the general public about sustainable development. Educating and sharing information is crucial in fighting climate change along with other environmental problems. It appears as though the overall goals of Agenda 21 and those of WSEN are not so different, making the University of Lausanne a more than qualified institution to host the World Student Environmental Summit of 2012.

The general concept for the upcoming summit is “Change”. Without significant changes in the behavior patterns of human beings the environment will continue to be victim to irreversible damage. “Our goal is less to discuss global and theoretical issues than to look at the direct and practical obstacles to change”, says organizing committee member Wladyslaw Senn. He went on to state his teams overall goal for the summit saying “We want to talk, provide, exchange practical examples of what the individual, the student can do; what the community can do; what the students can do together. My hope is that we`ll be able to build together and share tools and methods for change.” Even in the preliminary stages of the planning process the students from Lausanne are clearly on the right track to manifesting a very successful summit.

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