Greeting Words of the WSEN and WSES 2012 Team to This Year's Delegates

Dear participants to the WSES 2012 from all over this pretty world!

Welcome to the World Student Environmental Network! This network, also called the 'WSEN', is the student organisation behind the World Student Environmental Summits, or some may say, between the WSES editions.

CONNECT - The WSEN was founded in 2008 in Kyoto, Japan, by a common decision of all participants to the very first WSES. The core objective was and still is to keep the Summit's delegates connected after the Summit, and to make sure that there will be one World Student Environmental Summit each and every year, in a different university.

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SUPPORT - The WSEN does not directly organise the Summits. This is all done by a local committee of dedicated students, such as our wonderful team in Lausanne. The WSEN provides support from previous years' organisers and helps uphold the spirit of the WSES. The 'core team' of the network also selects the future summit hosts and, as from this year onwards, coordinates the 'Future Campus projects' programme that you will discover at the WSES 2012 in a few weeks!

Any questions or suggestions how the network could support you and your initiatives at your university: Send an email to or post them online (see above) !

Interested in hosting the summit at your university? Mail to and we will assist you in the process.

STRUCTURE - The structure of the WSEN is rather simple: all former delegates are connected through a facebook page, a website and a 'traditional' mailing list to share information and to keep in touch (see above for details).
The 'core team' itself is made of former summit co-chairs and motivated former delegates, and assumes the main coordination tasks mentioned here, and more.

During the summit, you will get to know some of us, learn more about the WSEN, and perhaps want to join yourself!

The WSEN at the 2012 WSES - check the FUTURE CAMPUS PROJECT workshop on Saturday afternoon, 8th September 2012 !

All the best, keep in touch, and see you in Lausanne !

Carina, Joty, Yumika, Yuri, Nikolas (members of the 'core team' present at the Summit) and the WSES 2012 team

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