Executive Board

The Executive is the core executive body of the WSEN. It consists of experienced members and volunteers guiding the network and operating the regular activities of the WSEN, like summit organisation support or future host selection. It is open to motivated students, who are or were delegates at a WSEN Global Summit, or former Summit organisers or volunteers. Together with the GA Representatives, the Executive Board constitutes the decision-making body of the WSEN.

Executive Board 2015/16

WSEN-President: Giorgina (Gina) King (South Africa)

Vice-President: Joseph Grainger Gasser (USA/ Switzerland)

Communications: André Troost (South Africa)

Summit Support: Azadeh Zarekar (Iran)

Elodie d'Halluweyn (Belgium)

Treasurer: Martin Bosak (Germany)

Outreach & Campaigns: Wladyslaw (Wlad) Senn (Switzerland)

Executive Board 2014/15

Christopher (Chris) Luederitz (Germany/ Canada)

Giorgina (Gina) King (South Africa/ Kenya)

Joseph Grainger Gasser (USA/ Switzerland)

Klara Johanna Winkler (Germany)

Martin Bosak (Germany/ Netherlands)

Melissa Ingaruca Moreno (Peru)

Wladyslaw (Wlad) Senn (Switzerland/ Scotland)

Elise Steyaert (Belgium) (until autumn 2014)

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