Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of (1) experienced WSEN alumni, including in particular former WSEN International Committee members, (2) representatives of the next WSEN Summit organising team, and (3) student representatives of Doshisha University. Its role covers key advice to the WSEN International Committee in administrative, formal, and substantive matters. For instance, members of the AB can provide direct advice on funding strategy to current Summit organisers, or help the International Committee with difficult decisions.
Participation to the Advisory Board is based on voluntary application by alumni and former WSEN Executive Board members and GA Representatives.

Members of the Advisory Board 2014/15

Experienced WSEN alumni

Leila Chakroun (Belgium/ Switzerland)

Field of Study: Social issues of the environment
Affiliation: University of Lausanne, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment
What’s your motivation to be part of the WSEN International Board? The WSEN is a source of motivation and friendships and I believe with motivation and friendship, we can fulfill all our dreams!

Representatives of the 2015 WSEN Summit

Rhys Gustafsson (Australia)

Jon Waller (Australia)

Student Representatives of Doshisha University

Erina Wanaka (Japan)

Field of Study: Environment
Affiliation: Doshisha University
What’s your motivation to be part of the WSEN International Board? The opportunity to get to know people from all over the world.

Yurie Tagawa (Japan)

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