Ammendments to WSEN statutes July 2015

Approbation of the Legal Statutes
After almost a year of working within the framework adopted at the 1st GA in July 2014, specific amendments to the statutes are proposed in order to clarify key points

  • Article 3 Acquisition of Membership:
  • To make sure the majority of the voters remain active students, the period of membership with full voting rights is restricted to 3 years following the last participation to a WSEN Summit, or graduation, whichever is longest.
    Summit organisers and active student volunteers helping the organisation should also have a formal status in the organisation having shown their dedication to the WSEN mission as 'participants' of another kind to a Summit.

  • Article 7 The Executive Board:
  • Representatives elected by the student delegates of each year have a key role to play for one year in the decisions and strategies undertaken by the WSEN, with a key focus on the strengthening of the network among students.

  • Article 8 The responsibilities of the Executive Board:
  • An appendix A to the statutes with WSEN mission and working principles is proposed to replace the initial idea of an environmental and social responsibilities charter, to avoid the creation of another document.

The revised Legal Statutes of the WSEN and be downloaded as pdf.

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