Suggested Executive Board 2016/17

In July 2016, the elections of the WSEN will take place. If you are an alumni please cast your vote by Wednesday 27/07/2016 12pm GMT00 at the latest. WSEN Alumni have the chance to vote for the Executive Board 2016/17. The Executive is the core executive body of the WSEN. It consists of experienced members and volunteers guiding the network and operating the regular activities of the WSEN, like summit organisation support or future host selection. It is open to motivated students, who are or were delegates at a WSEN Global Summit, or former Summit organisers or volunteers.

Below we present the proposed Executive Board members. The Executive Board is elected as a whole not by candidate.


Azadeh Zarekar (Iran)

Field of Study: Environmental Planning and Management

Motivation: Being part of WSEN, for me, is a great opportunity to learn, act and share. This student-led organization has gathered students from all around the globe for the last 9 years to inspire them to take action and make the change. As a former delegate, I feel the moral responsibility to contribute to WSEN and cooperate to make annual WSEN Global Summits happen. Hope to see this network alive and expanding year by year.

Previous WSEN experience: 2014 delegate, GA Representative 2014/15, Board Member 2015/16

André Troost (South Africa)

Field of Study: Innovation and Strategy Management, Sustainable Development

Motivation: For me the WSEN represents a platform where students can converse, which should lead to formulation of projects and ideas and most importantly, action. As we move ahead with the global sustainability challenge in the youth context, it is imperative to extend the network to more universities from a wider range of countries. For dialogue to take place connections are indispensable and as such I am committed to extend the WSEN, with emphasis on the networking. Additionally and most importantly, I would like to contribute to achieving continuity in delegates’ university projects that they bring to the summit. In order to do so, communication is essential between the executive board, past summit organisers and former delegates.

Previous WSEN experience: 2014 summit organiser, Board Member 2015/16


Clara Cornaro (England/Belgium)

Field of Study:Anthropology and International Development

Motivation: I believe that developing a network where students from all over the world come together and share ideas, experiences and motivations is incredibly important for understanding and tackling our present and upcoming environmental relationship. As ‘Sustainability’ is a concept underpinned by various worldviews, being able to explore various approaches in an international setting is invaluable. I am interested in the projects developed by the conference and how I can support and network these to remove unnecessary barriers and foster a strong alumni community. Already by being part of organising this year’s conference I have encountered many inspiring people and projects that provide necessary excitement and inspiration to actively take part in shaping a healthy ecological identity.

Previous WSEN experience: 2016 WSEN Global Summit organiser

Laura Grossman (England/Austria)

Field of Study: International Relations & Development

Motivation I have always worked in student participation projects and I believe that they are a very important part of a young person’s development. That is additional to the importance of anyone getting involved in socio-political issues around them. Sustainability is such an all encompassing and immensely important topic that I couldn’t stay away from it. Coming from an International Development and Relations background, the WSEN, for me, provides a space (physical and mental) for students from all over the world to engage in topics they are interested in, in a supportive, non-judgmental and open minded environment. I am looking very forward to helping facilitate and organise this space; wherever it may be.

Previous WSEN experience 2015 delegate, 2016 WSEN Global Summit organiser


Nicola Rule (South Africa)

Field of Study: Biological Sciences

Motivation:Love of the natural world and dependence on it cross the boundaries of generations, countries and world-views, as do the effects of exploitation and environmental destruction. Because these are global challenges, they require global cooperation. I think the WSEN has an important role to play in facilitating international conversations, and collaboration around environmental issues, and in supporting young, enthusiastic people to make local changes. I want to be a part of this organisation and to help to connect people, and facilitate the sharing of ideas and stories. I think it is important that we share the powerful hope we have for a better future with each other and others.

Previous WSEN experience: 2015 delegate, GA Representative 2015/16

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